Good cartoons of bad girls spanked in public

Is there anything more humiliating than a young lady being spanked and chided? Well, yes, when her ass-smacking is done in front of an audience!

Of course, after she exposes the required amount of nudity to seek proper redemption, the whole town will be gasping slack-jawed. This is especially true if the punisher wants to be extra sure the naughty girl learns that obedience is not just the best, but the only option available worth considering.

Looking at the first comic below, the blonde lady is sure dressed like she knows what she’s in for.

Judging by that skirt she’s wearing—the one that fails to cover her supple ass cheeks—she’s been bent over and disciplined quite a few times already in the past. She’s got the “spanking skirt” sub uniform perfectly down.

In the last cartoon, everyone looks to be enjoying themselves. Or they’re at least showing some smug form approval for how the poor wayward slut bent over the table is being treated.

Of course, that slut let herself don’t look as happy, but all the other women in the crowded bar seem to be enjoying the situation. It definitely looks like the townsfolk ought to get her under more control.

The naughty slut does have her hands held down by an older woman, yes. And that tall angry man is making sure to push her down so her ass stays nice up in the air. But what’s coming to her seems like it will be a lot more intense.

Look at that dark-haired bruised-ass chick holding the whip. She looks light she’s been well-disciplined and is ready to pass along what’s she’s learned about a good ass thrashing.

Personally though, I’d be more concerned about the balding guy on the right who is pulling out his belt.

The little missy on the table sure looks like she’s in for a humbly erotic sexual experience.


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